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Video Intercom installation in Melbourne

Video Intercom Systems Melbourne

Service Overview

The ability to talk to visitors and allow them entry and exit according to your discretion is not always possible. This challenge can be handled well by the advent of intercom technology which enables you to detect your visitor and preserve pictures of who has hit your doorbell before allowing entry. Our Video Intercom installation in Melbourne system captures photos of those with invalid credentials and attackers who might manhandle the equipment, allowing you to see who has been snooping about your home.

Our Company, Vtechsecurity, specialises in providing high-quality Intercom Security Systems Melbourne. Our technologies are light years ahead of their competition in terms of image quality, simplicity of integration with Cameras, and user-friendliness of the mobile app interface, among other factors.

Why Choose Vtechsecurity for Video Intercom Systems

Do you want to add an additional layer of protection to your house or business? Our services for video intercom installation in Melbourne offer top-notch security with the newest technology and provide you with the reassurance you deserve. In addition to providing excellent customer service, Vtechsecurity is pleased to provide top-of-the-range Intercom installation in Melbourne and other areas at a reasonable price. It is ideal for individuals who live in

  • Single-Family Homes
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Residential Communities
  • Workplaces

It’s best to have a video intercom system installed. Clients in Melbourne will never be afraid to answer the door again when they have our intercom systems installed. We are readily available if you want to install a video intercom system for your home or business. In order to get a quick answer from one of the finest intercom suppliers and installers in Melbourne, please contact us by phone or fill out a simple online inquiry form.

We provide Security Intercom installations in Tarneit, Melton, Sunbury, Gisborne, Taylors hill, Sunshine, Werribee, Geelong and Donnybrook, Victoria.

Critical Factors Why You Need Video Intercom Installation Services

  • Unauthorized entry to your business space or home is prevented with the Intercom system.
  • It enables you to control any doors or gates, which might be locked in order to make things more secure, and this could be done through remote control or from the comfort of your workplace does not matter, even if you work far away from your house in Melbourne.
  • Supports inter-communication, enabling you to interact with someone in a real work environment without having to think about it.
  • Capacity to take and preserve pictures of all visitors who activate the door station's recording function.
  • Wireless intercom integrates smoothly into the environment. Video intercom installation in Melbourne services offered by a certified security expert can help keep your adobe safe and secure.

Residential or Commercial Video Intercom Installation Services According to your Property

Installing a Video Intercom System on your residential or commercial property makes it easy to keep undesirable visitors out. An intercom system is the most effective method to screen all visitors and reduce the likelihood of opening the door to unwanted guests and visitors. At Vtechsecurity, our Intelligence analysts provide high-class installation services for business and residential intercom systems in Melbourne and surrounding areas. Our security professionals know how important the appearance of your house is to you, and they can offer a solution that will integrate flawlessly with the rest of your home or commercial area.

Home Video Intercom Security

Vtechsecurity’s Home Intercom Security Systems Melbourne can help you stay secure. Our professionals install motion detectors, high-definition recording software, connected door locks, and other security measures. In addition, we link your phones to the system so you may get security notifications wherever you are. We can install intercoms outside your doorstep in Melbourne.

Home Video Intercom System Melbourne
Video Intercom System for Business

Video Intercom System for Business

Companies often need the most extensive security measures to safeguard their most precious and sensitive assets. Including a commercial video intercom system may help avoid crime, deter damage, and prevent security problems from occurring. So, when you choose Intercom installation in Melbourne or surrounding areas from our company, you will save large sums of money.

Benefits With Our Service

Reasonable Pricing
Reasonable Pricing

Top Notch Security System Installer Services in Melbourne with very Affordable prices.

Best Service Quality
Best Service Quality

When you hire us, we will assist you choose the best security system for your needs and location.

Professional Team
Professional Team

Installers are fully trained, experienced, and certified. When you hire us, we will never let you down.


Service Available 24/7.  We will always be there for you. Just give us a call.

Answers for general questions

  • What kinds of intercom systems are there?

    Intercom systems are now available in a broad range of configurations. Some are wireless, whereas others are wired to the network. Some are meant for use in residential buildings, when others are suited for use in commercial structures.

  • Wired or Wireless Intercom Systems. Which Is Better?

    It's Totally depends on your area. After Examine your Area we will suggest which Intercom System is good for you. And Wireless solutions are easier to set up. No cables, few components, and may be placed in almost any structure. The distance between speakers may affect connection since they utilise radio waves. Wireless solutions are ideal for small homes. wired systems are regarded as more secure. A wired intercom system is ideal for big buildings, numerous buildings, or an outside gate.

  • What Are Common Intercom System Features?

    Digital communication, Internet connection, remote access, and noise suppression are all available in Intercom System for more information call us today at 0493094240

  • Can an Intercom Connect to Other Security Systems?

    Definitely! With almost every other kind of security solution, you may combine intercom systems.

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